Ergonomics Workshop

Our specialists utilise an interactive learning approach that allows participants to be more engaged and retain more material.

Empower Your Employees to Drive Change

This one-day workshop will help your employees recognise, plan, and integrate both strategic and tactical elements of ergonomics into your business processes.

Our curriculum reflects the current best practices and the latest technology for driving the ergonomic improvement process in office environments. It involves fun hands-on planning and engaging case studies to empower your employees to take charge of their workplace health.

Invaluable Outcomes

With over a decade of experience partnering companies, our specialists possess the right mix of expertise to deliver the best training for your employees.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be equipped with the knowledge to:

  • Develop an ergonomics process that integrates both strategic and tactical elements
  • Drive down work-related musculoskeletal disorders by identifying a potential risk before an injury happens
  • Conduct basic workstation assessments and implement/propose adjustments
  • Justify the value of ergonomics and demonstrate the return on investment

Participants will also learn how to overcome common pitfalls and gain insight into what world-class organisations are doing to create a safe and healthy environment for their employees.

Fix the Process, Not the Problem

In the essence of time, many companies focus on short-term fixes to existing problems rather than on instituting processes to solve and eventually prevent problems.

However, ergonomics is an improvement process and not a one-time effort. It involves looking at the equipment and job tasks, trying out improvements, looking again to see if they work, making further changes, and so on. This process also evaluates employees’ abilities, which may differ because of age, physical condition, and other factors.

If you are looking to implement, manage and sustain an effective ergonomics improvement process, this workshop is a must for your employees.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Awareness and knowledge of ergonomics can benefit your employees for life. Get started today and reap the immense benefits of pain-free working!