Return to Work Assessment

A quick and safe return to work helps the injured worker to feel more useful, while enjoying comradeship and support from co-workers with reduced stress.

Physiotherapists Can Play an Important Role

Workplace injuries are common, cause significant morbidity for workers and have considerable economic impact. Physiotherapists can play an important role in facilitating early return to work, improving outcomes for all parties.

The best return to work scenario is achieved with an:

  • Accurate initial assessment of the injury – history, examination and diagnosis
  • Effective treatment plan for the injury
  • Early communication between the employer and employee to develop a return to work plan
  • Expert opinion in this arduous journey

Our Proven Model

Occupational health advice from a qualified physiotherapist can be beneficial in supporting your employee to manage his/her injury at home and at work, and can support a faster return to work.

Our comprehensive return to work assessment will cover:

  1. The employee’s functional health and capabilities

Utilising standardised, functional, and customised outcome measures, our specialist can demonstrate the functional change over time and evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment received thus far.

  1. Person-Job fit

A workstation assessment will be conducted to determine the modifications, equipment and work practices required for an employee to work in a natural and comfortable position. Cost-effective equipment recommendations will be provided (if required).

  1. SMART Goal Setting

Our specialists are trained to adopt a biopsychosocial approach in facilitating an early, safe, and durable return to work. Your employee will be educated on his/her restrictions and understand how to work with duties that match his/her current capability.

  1. Further Education

Education on working posture, breaks and desk-based exercises will be provided. Other elements such as advice on dietary, travel and sports habits can also be integrated upon request.

The focus here is to empower the employee with evidence-based practices to prevent injuries.

  1. Recommendations for treatment

Recommendations for treatment, such as Physiotherapy, will be provided should the employee be deemed unfit for work after the assessment.

  1. Follow-up Intervention

A detailed report will be provided to the employer after the assessment. Our specialist will also conduct a follow-up intervention with your safety officer, if required.

Getting back to work after an injury is an important step on the road to recovery. An injured worker does not have to wait until they are 100% recovered to get back to safe work.

With a proactive approach, employers can benefit from the early return to work with a reduction in time lost to injury and the added incentive of reduced insurance premiums! Get started today and reap the immense benefits of pain-free working!