Workstation Assessment

Employees who spend most of their day sitting at a desk are fallible to Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs).

Workstation Assessments Are Important

Vast majority of office workers sit and work at their workstations with minimal understanding of how to adjust their equipment to suit their needs.

This spells trouble as year after year, Singaporeans continue to clock the longest working hours in the world, averaging 2,350 hours a year. The spillover effects of long working hours make workstation assessments crucial today more than any other time.

Many of these individuals often report to suffer from various musculoskeletal complaints, with the most common being neck, shoulder, and lower back pain. Unfortunately, most people do not realise how ergonomic risk factors are contributing to their complaint!

Here's What You Can Expect

Conducted by an ergonomics expert in the workplace, this personalised workstation assessment will determine the modifications, equipment and work practices required for an employee to work in a natural and comfortable position.

1. Assessment
During the first meeting, our specialist will assess your condition by understanding existing musculoskeletal problems (if any).

Postural risk factors are documented and an equipment review is performed to ensure that the existing workstation meets basic ergonomic criteria.

2. Adjustment
Any workstation adjustments that can be implemented given the existing equipment will be made on the spot. Our specialist will provide recommendations in a report if additional workstation or equipment changes are required. We can also assist in the procurement of equipment where necessary.

3. Training
Next, we provide the employee with an onsite ergonomics awareness training. Common misconceptions, basic ergonomics principles, and recommended work practices will be discussed. An information handout summarising the training will also be provided.

Other elements such as advice on dietary, travel and sports habits can also be integrated upon request.

4. Follow-up Intervention (optional)
Employees marked with red flags should undergo a comprehensive workstation assessment that includes follow-up intervention and recommendation for treatment with a physiotherapist. Ongoing support is provided, where necessary.

Is This for You?

You should consider a workstation assessment if you:

  • Are a new employee
  • Are experiencing pain and/or discomfort
  • Find that you are feeling more fatigued than usual
  • Have recently experienced an injury
  • Have a long-term chronic injury/illness
  • Want to prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders

Good ergonomic practices related to workstations are easy to understand, implement and monitor. Get started today and reap the immense benefits of pain-free working!