Denis Mecklenburg

Denis Mecklenburg

Director, Physiotherapist, Sports Therapist, Golf Therapist, Occupational Health Therapist

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One Orchard Boulevard #11-05 Camden Medical Centre Singapore 248649

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Denis, originally from Germany, graduated in the Netherlands with a Bachelor Degree.

Before he came to Singapore in 2008, he worked in one of the biggest sports and rehabilitation clinics in Switzerland where he took care of several regional and national sports teams.

Denis has extensive experience with sports injuries and post-surgical rehabilitation of shoulders, knees and ankles. His special interest lies in the treatment of Shoulder Injuries and in recent years, Ergonomics and Human Factors.

Denis has conducted Corporate Health sessions for different clientele from various industries. He has worked with the banking sector, lawyers, insurance firms and technology companies. He is also the Director of PhysioActive.

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